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It's very hard to say anything about the war in Iraq. Whatever is said will be out of date by the time it is sent to you, never mind the time when you read it! But, I suppose, it is impossible to speak about anything else. Of course, we shall be most aware of those who are engaged in the fighting and those who are injured or killed by this war, whatever may be our views about the legality or morality of it all. Sometimes people compare this war to the 2nd World War against Hitler. I do not think the two are the same, but it is easy to see parallels. Of course, everyone hopes it will all be over soon, and the task of dealing with the aftermath can be begun. Our world seems now to be engaged on almost continuous wars, so we may not be able to think of an "end" to it all. We will all certainly be driven to pray. May our hope still be strong.


  1. God, it was you who delivered us from the threat of the swastika
      you saved us from being overrun by the might of Hitler.
  2. Terrible things were suffered by millions
      everyone felt the power of evil,
  3. those who committed acts of barbarity
      believed that they were doing no more than their duty.
  4. Yet, among the horrors, there was glory
      amidst the danger of war some found their finest hour.
  5. For your glory shines out in darkness
      in the persecuted and the poor we see you most clearly.
  6. All war is waste and futility
      though the evil can be illuminated by heroism.
  7. In the face of great danger we may really come alive
      in war you know your friends and are ready to help them.
  8. Now there are greater dangers of global destruction
      the threat of the terrorist and the nuclear holocaust.
  9. Can we live through our finest hour
      can ours be the best generation the world has known?


Apr 03