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Every now and then we seem to have racially motivated attacks (even deaths) in this country, and we often seem to want some way of thinking about our reactions to them. I've always assumed my origins to be Scandinavian, a long way back, and we are all happy to cheer on black British athletes, to say nothing of footballers, who may come from anywhere!


  1. Britain has always had a mixture of peoples
      the Angles and Saxons were immigrants, and the English are their children!
  2. New Commonwealth immigrations were nothing new
      different coloured skins make differences more obvious.
  3. In coming, they faced many changes
      the original community has been changed as well -
  4. are the English more racist than others
      are white people more afraid of other races?
  5. There's still a rich variety of British people
      with Chinese, Indian, African and European cultures;
  6. give us courage to welcome our differences
      and to rejoice in our common heritage


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