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  1. Mighty maker of complete creation
      original author of all that is,
  2. marvellous and merciful, we wonder and worship
      we practise our praise for your greatness is gracious.
  3. Christ, you are crown of the whole of humanity
      the first and the final one, Jesus our judge,
  4. my Lord and my God, I give you my love
      I will follow your footsteps wherever you will.
  5. Spirit, inspirer of speech and action
      give us sounds for our mouths and we'll sing you our songs,
  6. blowing and blazing you give us your blessing
      when we are together you touch all our hearts.
  7. The Trinity we trust - you are worthy of worship
      great God we celebrate you in our psalms,
  8. you make us, re-make us, and give us your grace
      you are strength for my striving and peace in our pilgrimage.