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Most people know about Christmas and Easter, and we celebrate them before the day. Christian people are sometimes expected to celebrate them after the day. The whole of April is Easter-time! The story of Easter happens on one day, the day of Jesus' resurrection. The reality of Easter takes all of us very much longer. My experience of Easter has taken a lifetime.


  1. There's always something beyond, spring says
      Easter celebrates the something more.
  2. Life seems to do things to me, without me trying
      suffering, struggle and failure are ever present,
  3. but Easter points us on to the future beyond
      still there is something more for me and for others -
  4. every day there is hope, pointing forward
      there can be respite available even from pain.
  5. Why do I usually think of myself as a failure
      there is always room for me to be myself.
  6. Why do I usually fear what may happen tomorrow
      there is always a springtime coming, out ahead of me.
  7. We celebrate with joy the something more
      daffodils and eggs have their message, after all!


Apr 02 5.3.02 written for Psalms of Life Newsletter - there is no "Easter" psalm - since I donít believe the traditional line! Easter did not actually happen, of course, but itís true nonetheless (Dominic Crossan). v.2 - "passion" = the being done to. (