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  1. Your garden, my God, is green and beautiful:
      in the comforting quietness I can feel your presence.
  2. My house is not always so relaxing:
      our family can often be angry and fraught with noise!
  3. Help me to find your presence wherever I am:
      to hear your silence in the daily press.
  4. For I’m nearer to God in a garden:
      than anywhere else on earth.
  5. I can see your presence clearly, when all is green:
      but you are there also in the autumn, in the browns and reds;
  6. I can hear your voice addressing me, when all is silent:
      yet you speak to me also in crowds, in the bustle of business.
  7. I’m nearer to you in a garden:
      and the quietness can focus my listening;
  8. but teach me to keep the garden always within me:
      anywhere else on earth, to be conscious of you.


written in a "Write a Psalm" day 24.11.94 for Phil Roderick