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  • The elderly person was dying, a wonderful life:
      always full of gratitude, a lovely lady,
  • confined to lie in bed by one high window:
      "So long as I can see the clouds," she said with a grin,
  • "for they are always changing, shapes I recognise:
      a cat or someone’s face, surprising and fresh,
  • a cloud in a wide blue sky like a humpback whale:
      or reclining Mr Punch, making me smile."
  • Help me, God, to live so positively:
      let cheerfulness keep breaking in day after day,
  • for there is no need to fear whatever comes:
      the everlasting arms are underneath.


A real lady, in a Methodist home; Tony Bennís diaries (Free at Last). G K Chesterton "tried so hard to be a philosopher, but cheerfulness kept breaking in. Deut.33.27 everlasting arms.