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The 23rd Psalm of David is about a God who cares for his people, which should be the mark of a good manager, too. It may not always be clear what is my final aim, but the Good Manager will make sure I have work, and that I can feel confident in improving at my work.


  1. God is my gracious manager:
      I know I'll always have a job to do.
  2. You make certain I take responsibility:
      you see that I'm kept up to the mark.
  3. You help me feel confident in my work:
      when things begin to get difficult
      you're always on hand to listen,
  4. when we're successful, you congratulate us:
      you encourage us all in our common enterprise.
  5. Into our community you bring your communion:
      as we work together you give strength to sustain us.
  6. Now I have a purpose I can aim for:
      the final goal may not be clear,
      but I can see what I have to do next;
  7. for you give me the target I need:
      and together with my colleagues
      we'll achieve what's to be done.