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My daughter spent a week on Iona, with the community in Scotland, and brought me a small piece of rock from the beach, to remind me of the place. I have been an Associate member of the Community for many years. The little piece of stone brings back so many memories of the place and the people. It is a holy place in the Inner Hebrides, oozing religious traditions .


  1. Holy, grey and green, this stone in my hand
      marbled Iona rock of promise and hope,
  2. in it are Arctic breakers, violent, weathered
      the calm clear waters of the mull of peace.
  3. Pointers to Columba are here, Scots faith-bringer
      of Margaret, the good abbess, ruined walls,
  4. with the vision of George MacLeod, a new community
      and Ralph Morton's wisdom, hope provoking.
  5. Revealing God in the High Street, voice in the wind
      a gesture against the wild in city and island.
  6. So, God, help me discover your promise to me
      your hope seen in the centuries for my future, too.


May 02