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The forces of nature were always part of what we (patronisingly) call primitive religions, but it is also part of our modern world of physics and science. Such power often makes us feel very small and insignificant. That is probably a good feeling, because we are often brought up to think of ourselves as central to the universe, and sometimes act as if we believe we are!


  1. Thunder shows the disapproval of the gods:
      yet your approval of Jesus was heard as thunder!
  2. Does lightning mean you're angry with me:
      is there still power in primitive ideas?
  3. The forces around us can be frightening, however caused:
      the earth has terrifying wonders to shake us -
  4. the earthquake that unsettles a mighty city:
      the eruption that rips open the quiet mountain-side.
  5. No matter what we do to pollute our planet:
      the forces inside it still change our world.
  6. If the lava-flow can be home to life in a hundred years:
      the earth may yet survive the end of humanity.
  7. Your time, our God, is far longer than ours:
      your purposes don't depend only on me;
  8. why should I think this day's work so vital:
      why do we feel that we're at the centre of time?
  9. When we're as dead as the dinosaurs, you'll be alive:
      if our experiment fails, you could re-create your world.