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  1. Why do the nations of the world continually fight one another
      why do our leaders put power before peace?
  2. Selfish greed can lead to violence
      we do what we want, in spite of hurting others.
  3. Human beings seem bound to suffer violence from others
      our wars are often civil strife,
  4. among Muslims or Christians, between Arab and Jew
      between black and white races or divided cultures;
  5. people are killed for politics
      murders are committed to express a point of view!
  6. Why must disputes escalate into anger
      why find solutions only after a row?
  7. I'd like to be able to talk out my differences
      a compromise must be better than fighting.
  8. Teach me to argue without quarrelling
      hold me from the brink of violence, if I do quarrel.
  9. For enemies I'll certainly have around me
      but they have a right to their part of your world;
  10. if I quarrel with my neighbour, stop me from suspecting
      and if I suspect, keep my tongue from slander.
  11. Peace is not to be found in weakness
      it's stronger than war, and tougher than selfishness.