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Nigel Cooper wrote an article in the periodical Crucible in 1992 entitled 'Partnering Nature' and it made me pray. Sometimes, we do not readily think that we are expected, or even allowed, to pray in the prose of a learned article. So I tend to write some of the ideas in the form of a psalm that feels more like a prayer. Of course, the environment is always a fit subject for praying, as the heavens continue to tell the glory of God.


  1. Here I sit looking through the window at your creation:
      but I am also created, a piece of your making -
  2. fresh air from your world beyond comes into my nostrils:
      your breath builds up my blood, and gets into my brain!
  3. Even while sitting and breathing I belong to your world:
      where does my body end, and nature begin?
  4. This earth is not just another thing outside myself:
      your whole creation is a mystery of which I'm a part.
  5. In our own eyes we think of ourselves as distinct and different:
      we feel that humanity can dominate the beasts and the earth,
  6. but we cannot simply be selfish, we'll have to repent:
      we must turn ourselves round before nature bites back;
  7. the trees and the animals we've exploited, we'd now like to save:to begin to plan for the future and learn from the past,
  8. for everything is your creating and we can treasure it:
      even if we damage our surroundings, we'll value the planet.
  9. To be able to be fully human, we need your creation:
      and I need other people, to be really myself,
  10. so nature requires us also to be part of her life:
      I rely on the natural world so that I can survive.
  11. We all can join in the dance with your world of nature:
      we share the music of the spheres, and you are our teacher,
  12. for even the dance of death helps others to live:
      Lord of the dance, let me be your partner.