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A hymn, written by John Bell and Graham Maule (Iona Community/Wild Goose Publications) begins with the words of this psalm. It is a theological reflection on the creation of the world. Like the John Gospel, which refers to the creator Word. There are two verses each about God, the Word, Spirit and Trinity.


  1. Before all things began, the Word was there:
      one Word of life already, at the world's creation;
  2. for what God was, the Word was also:
      rooted and grounded in love, for God is love.
  3. All creation was made by the Word of God:
      all love was shown by God, and by that Word on earth,
  4. for through him, God spoke to us:
      and, by his Word, God said, "I love you".
  5. The Spirit was there already when all things were created:
      your breath moved over the mists at the world's beginning;
  6. since that Spirit is the Spirit of love:
      inspiring and encouraging us all, you are in us always.
  7. So Creator and Spirit are one:
      you've been here since the beginning, and you're also with us,
  8. in loving and creating you are at work:
      your love is in us now, through Word and Spirit.