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I suppose we have all had a try at reading Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. He now says he doesn’t "do" God, it gets him into too much trouble. Without wanting to diminish anything of the achievements of science, there is a view that religion is not opposed to it, simply a way to approach the question "Why?" This psalm is not an attempt to say the professor is wrong, but rather to speak to God about the incredible and surprising ideas of science.


  1. Do we expect you to fit our ideas:
      are we really cleverer than God?
  2. You've got to be greater than us or we cannot worship you:
      would you be so badly damaged if I decided not to?
  3. I need you to be my God, so keep on surprising me:
      you convert me so often I've lost count of the reasons.
  4. When new things are learned by science, there are you:
      you're watching over your world,
      as we struggle to catch up.
  5. if the universe began with a bang, then you were in it:
      if the new is emerging now, you are there also.
  6. Our theories can make no difference to you:
      for you aren't another theory, you are our God.
  7. We don't need to look for solutions that fit in with you:
      whatever is unexplored, you perceive already.
  8. Amid the wonders around me how small am I:
      what's a mere irritation in my life
      compared with your universe?