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Christmas seems to end all too soon, and we have to get back to "ordinary" life again. But maybe we can extend the season, and remember that love is with us all the time - not just how we "ought" to love other people around us, for the initiative comes from the other side! Happy New Year!


  1. Love came down to earth at Christmas
      your Word became the flesh of humanity.
  2. Now love is exalted to the heavens
      and Christ is King of all the world.
  3. It's God's love that rules over all things
      stronger than death and greater than evil.
  4. The love of other people helps us see divinity here
      and by loving, we too can share in your action.
  5. Nothing is more powerful than our love
      wanting what is best for another will always conquer the world.
  6. We love, because you loved us first
      and by loving we are sharing in you.


Jan 02