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In the 150th psalm of David, there is an exuberance expressed in increasing numbers of musical instruments, ending with "everything that has breath." This is a modern psalm doing the same thing with a variety of musical styles, all of which may be making the praises of God heard today.


  1. Long live God, my creator:
      let us join in a chorus of praise.
  2. Thank God in music and singing:
      with records, tapes and stereo.
  3. Thank God in psalms and anthems:
      in choirs and places where they sing.
  4. Thank God in black Gospel choirs:
      moving with a hand-clap side to side.
  5. Thank God with jazz and soulful melodies:
      on trombone, saxophone and trumpet.
  6. Thank God in orchestra and bandstand:
      in streets and pubs and concert-halls.
  7. Thank God in rock and roll discos:
      with electronic sound and rhythm.
  8. Young and old sing together:
      "Long live God, the Sovereign of all."