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Cicely Saunders often spoke about why the hospice is so important. The experience of being able to "die with dignity" is not too common in a society where death is the ultimate taboo. Perhaps we should all talk about it, and our feelings about it, more often?


  1. What's happening to me, God, with this onset of pain:
     why are you bringing more suffering on me?
  2. It can't be true that you've let me down:
     nor fair for you to want to punish me -
  3. in me there's something that's no part of me:
     eating me up while I cannot control it.
  4. Will someone explain and say what's going on:
     talk to me, help me to know what is happening?
  5. Is this the end? Where can I get help:
     does anyone care that it's all so horrible?
  6. God, let me weep with you by day:
     sustain me with tears through the hours of the night.
  7. I need life packed up and ready to go:
     give me energy and time to work through the past.
  8. From those I have wronged I need forgiveness:
     those I love best can give me support.
  9. I'd like not to die insignificantly:
     but how can I manage my own destiny?
  10. Still there's the pain, although it's controlled:
     I need your strength for the struggle ahead.
  11. Help me be able to accept my self:
     then I'll be at peace with you and with others.
  12. Just a few more people I need for a while:
     one relative's enough before I'm alone.
  13. Let there be someone beside me now:
     I cannot speak but I can hear and understand.
  14. Now at the last all is done:
     it is late, and I am ready.
  15. So long as you are with me, that is all:
     now I can let go and let God.
  16. Into your hands I commend my life:
     for you will redeem me and be merciful.