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  • The city teems with life, it’s cool in there:
      everything I ever wanted, here for trying.
  • But knives and shouts and blood on Friday night:
      conflict can also be terrifying - drugs or drink?
  • In the pedestrian precinct, contrasting buildings:
      the glories of different centuries, side by side,
  • wonderful palaces of stone housing workers:
      civic grandeur on show, a sight to behold.
  • Even inside the ugliness people are watching:
      the swarming crowds are rushing, ignoring the grime,
  • making for pleasant suburbs, going home:
      eager to shut the door, relax at last.
  • The varied pictures draw us to the centre of life:
      the crown of all creation, aim for hope.
  • There are so many here in need, I want to help:
      how may I work with people, offering care?
  • Jesus was also a pilgrim, Jerusalem bound:
      you loved Zion too, making the journey.
  • Show us the marks of your presence, obvious and deadly:
      so we may continue in faithfulness here in the city.