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  1. Long ago, my God, you called me:
      when I had little to offer, you asked me for it!
  2. You trusted me then in small ways:
      and taught me how to be faithful.
  3. Through thick and thin you are steadfast and sure:
      even when hidden or absent you’re waiting for me;
  4. in my pain or distress you say nothing, but hold my hand:
      when everything is grey in emptiness, you carry me along.
  5. Your goodness shines through the fog:
      in terror or agony I still shout for "my God!"
  6. Whatever may be, you have always been there:
      behind my back are your sustaining arms.
  7. You are the one who is calling me:
      and you are the one I can trust;
  8. others may let me down, and I shall fail:
      but you are the one I can trust.
  9. Thank you - the agony has now been resolved:
      since you are the one I can trust;
  10. now I can see you were always there:
      for you are the one I can trust.
  11. Again in the future you will call me:
      you are always filling the unpromising with promise and hope;
  12. yet you will not remove your suffering cup:
      when I’m forced to drink it, I’ll forget about your presence.
  13. As the priest holds up the cup of salvation:
      your trusting spirit feeds my longings;
  14. as the deacon encourages me to share your peace:
      your trusting spirit embraces my loneliness;
  15. ministering trust will come to me from others:
      though they will often fail, when you will not.
  16. You are the one who gives trust to us all:
      you are the one who calls me, and you I can trust.