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If you have ever had the experience of rejection, at an interview or selection procedure, you will know what it feels like to know you are doing the right thing and having other people turn you down! We all of us feel sometimes that we are called to do something particular, but may not always be able to persuade others to agree with us.


  1. When I was not expecting it, you called me, my God:
     I hear you in a moment of time, when I'm doing something else.
  2. At the corner of a dried up field there's an open gate:
     helping me find new pathways, leading me on.
  3. Christ, you have opened for me the gate of glory:
     I can find greater wonders in your wonderful world;
  4. yet un-trodden paths can be dark and frightening:
     frontiers are places of conflict and confusion.
  5. Spirit, help me to discern the way I should go:
     how else can I be sure that I've found the open door?
  6. At times you will close the door I thought I'd found:
     be with me and support me then, when I feel most alone.
  7. Help me learn to expect you in new and surprising places:
     to look for your truthful word in the judgements of others;
  8. when those seem wrong to me, help me to learn:
     when they seem right, keep me from pride!