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  1. Among our friends and family, we wait for you
      we look out for your goodness to us in the congregation -
  2. for you are a God of patience, who waits for us
      you are the one who suffers, and stays beside us.
  3. Why, my God, do you ask me to wait?
      there isn't much time and I'm getting older!
  4. You have more patience than I, for you are still older
      you seem to keep saying "Be patient" while I'm in a hurry.
  5. Help me to wait on you, while I am waiting
      give me the patience of Job, to look for your goodness,
  6. for what's a year of my life, if I gain what is good?
      I can spare a few years more, if that's the right path;
  7. in just a little time longer, I may be wiser
      with only a little more waiting, I may find what I seek.
  8. It's harder to trust in your Word and keep myself still
      than to launch into words in my brain and keep myself talking!
  9. Sometimes you say "Yes" to me, and sometimes "No"
      but it's far more difficult to accept it, when you say "Wait."
  10. Grant me to learn your patience, to hope in you
      then I may continue seeking, for you are so near.
  11. I do not want to be waiting because I am bored
      help me rather to watch for you in trust and hope.
  12. For you are always pleased with those who seek
      with those who wait on you for your gracious support.