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St Anselm wrote a "song" about Jesus as our mother, from which the ideas are taken.


  1. Let your children come to you, our God:
     like a hen collects her brood, to keep them safe;
  2. as Jesus wept over his people:
     you cry over us, our pride and our failings.
  3. But you, our God, are our mother and treat us with gentleness:
     you gather us together, like children, for protection;
  4. you comfort us in sorrow and nurse us in sickness:
     with the milk of heaven you feed us and soothe away our pain;
  5. tenderly you show us your care:
     you shield us from hatred and fear;
  6. you draw us to your side for warmth and company:
     holding our hand you give us comfort and strength.
  7. Despair turns to hope through your loving embrace:
     and with your gracious encouragement we find ways to grow up.
  8. In your mercy and compassion, re-make us:
     we are born to new life by your love.