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A church is a place that's full of people, including those from the past (which goes back a very long way). Their theological battles are not the same as mine, but I am still in line saying the words of the Creed. The bread inside us all is scattered into our modern lives, where God is with us. We are the plebs dei, the ordinary people of God.


  1. Here I stand alone in a queue of people:
      waiting in line to go up to your altar.
  2. How can I be comfortable, conscious of your presence:
      nervously trying to prepare to make my communion?
  3. But yet I am not alone, there are millions about me:
      I walk in company with greater ones who've gone before,
  4. for many have stood where I now stand:
      I follow the footsteps of others in succession to your apostles.
  5. Without agreeing with everything, I'm treading their path:
      joining my prayers to theirs not fighting their battles.
  6. This is our pilgrimage into your future:
      step by step we go forward in procession.
  7. I come to receive your bread:
      the body of Christ to preserve my life,
  8. and we return scattered to the places we left:
      the broken body of Christ in our world today.
  9. Thank you for inviting us to the supper we share:
      your life inside us refreshed at your table,
  10. and by making the journey we belong to each other:
      the ordinary people of God made special by you.