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This is an attempt to put the magnificent words of 1 Corinthians 13 into the form of a psalm. It may be easy enough to use the original in a group saying it together, but we have so many different versions, these days, I find it easier to use this form.


  1. We always look for the best out of life
      but you, God, show me the way above all others.
  2. I may be golden-voiced and able to express myself
      without you I'm an empty can or mindless rattle;
  3. I may be a great prophet and intellectual
      but I'm worth nothing much without you;
  4. if I give away everything to charit
      without you it'll do me no good at all.
  5. For you are long-suffering and considerate
      you're not interested only in yourself;
  6. you're never rude or selfish
      when I scream at you, you don't shout back;
  7. you don't gloat in lurid scandal
      but you're always ready to find good in everyone;
  8. your love never has an ending
      you will hope and trust in us for ever


May 04