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Based on an idea from David Adam in Tides and Seasons using Celtic ideas of praying about the whole of our life and with all of our body, this psalm was written specifically for use by a leader ("my"), and a group responding ("our"). For God is in the whole of our life ,too, not just our worshipping.


  1. Open my lips, my God:
      and our mouths will declare aloud your praises.
  2. Open my eyes, my God:
      and our seeing will delight in wonder at your glory.
  3. Open my ears, my God:
      and our hearing will pick up your readiness to care.
  4. Open my heart, my God:
      and our feelings will reflect your love and pity.
  5. Open my mind, my God:
      and our thinking will welcome new understandings.
  6. Open my will, my God:
      and our commitment will mirror your faithfulness.
  7. Open my hands, my God:
      and our giving will transmit your generosity of spirit.
  8. Open my life, my God:
      and our living will reveal your presence in our world.