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A way to start to pray - some of the words are from David Adam (his Celtic prayers) and some from Dag Hammarsjold (his book Markings). I hope you find them as helpful as I do.


  1. God be with me as I pray
      come into the quiet within me.
  2. Calm me as you silenced the storm
      still me to hear your voice.
  3. Cease all the tumult inside me
      enfold me in the garment of your peace.
  4. Grant us purity in heart, so we may see you
      a quiet heart, so we may listen.
  5. Grant us a humble heart, so we may hear you
      a loving heart so we may serve.
  6. Grant us a faithful heart so we may love you
      for I do not fully know you, but I am yours.
  7. Since the longest journey of all is the journey inwards
      I do not comprehend, but I'm able to travel.
  8. I don't know when it was that I answered Yes
      but from that moment on, you are the Way.


David Adam (vv.1-3) & Dag Hammarsjold (from Eric Jamesí sermon in Westminster Abbey Nov 1st 1998 in "Who is This?" 2001). Psalm of the Month, Mar 04