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  1. You have given the Queen a long life
      we used to look back with pride to the age of Victoria;
  2. the Elizabethan age has also been great
      for half a century you've given us your blessings.
  3. The Royal Family has served our country
      we've looked up to their pattern of life,
  4. through difficulties and problems we've seen serenity
      in joys and celebrations we've admired their graciousness.
  5. They've helped us belong to a family of nations
      no longer exploiting an empire, we've learned to share our gifts,
  6. across national and racial barriers we can meet as equals
      we don't need to be divided because of religion.
  7. No-one can live without blame throughout such changes
      becoming a focus in uncertainty can earn some respect.
  8. For humanity is royal when vulnerable or wounded
      monarchy is to serve the future as well as the past.
  9. We praise you for your gift to our nation
      God save our common hopes and save our Queen.
  10. For you are the Sovereign of all peoples
      help us to share our humanity with all the world.


As in several of the kingly Psalms, especially Ps. 21. Some of the phrases are from Canon Eric James.