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Fr Kelly, speaking to students joining a religious community, has advice for any of us about community living.


  1. To start on a journey is difficult enough:
     but by coming together at first we can make a beginning.
  2. Keeping together in our search is progress:
     real success will appear in our working together.
  3. How pleasant it is to be together:
     the starting of a partnership is always a honeymoon!
  4. But then how awful that other one becomes:
     why are the others so selfish when we are together?
  5. If that's how it seems to them, then what of me:
     how difficult a person am I for the others to cope with?
  6. For I'd never noticed what failings I have:
     but when we are working together it's hard to avoid them!
  7. At last I realise how good our God is:
     how patient you are with us all and with our impossibilities.