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The experience of Godís apparent rejection of his people is reflected in the common feelings of a modern church, as well as an individual. But God is faithful . . .


  1. "When Israel was only a child, I loved him dearly:
     I called him out of Egypt to become my son.
  2. "But the more I called my son, the more he rejected me:
     he worshipped other gods while I was speaking!
  3. "Yet I was the parent he knew who taught him to walk:
     it was I who took my own people into my arms,
  4. "I always held them close with affection and love:
     when they needed anything, it was I who fed them.
  5. "How can I give you up now, my wayward people:
     even if you don't acknowledge me, shall I desert you?
  6. "My love for you is stronger than your faith in me:
     even when you reject me I'm at your side.
  7. "For I am not merely human, I am your God:
     your holy one who loves you dearly is no angry mortal!"
  8. Speak to me, my God, as you spoke to Israel:
     you addressed your people of old, so come to us now.
  9. For your belief in us is greater than our faith:
     your love for us is deeper than any we know.
  10. Help us to know you today as parent of your people:
     I am your adopted child, with my brothers and sisters.