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It may seem a long time ago since Nelson Mandela walked the road out of his prison. But it was one of those events that caught the imagination of people around the world. I remembered the Mandela trial, when he conducted his own defence against his accusers in South Africa. But freedom is much wider than just southern Africa. Here is a psalm, assuming it might be used in public, with different voices, and everyone joining in the chorus.


  1. Nelson Mandela was freed from prison
      he walked out a leader on the stage of the world.
  2. He'd been forced, in prison, to crush quarried stone
      compelled to do hard labour, though a political prisoner;
  3. yet as a lawyer he'd been helping inmates
      others were released through his legal expertise,
  4. and he befriended his warders also
      it wasn't their fault they had him in their care!
  5. For twenty-seven years he was sustained in hope
      he knew the people of the world were on his side.
  6. God bless Africa and guard her peoples
      God bless South Africa and give her hope.

  8. Countries of the east have walked from their prisons
      Europeans have mastered oppressive governments;
  9. new unity is coming after forty years of slavery
      the language of freedom brings hope to those used to living with lies.
  10. God bless Europe and guide her leaders
      give us your freedom and courage to tackle our problems together.
  11. In Britain we too can be narrow minded
      we don't always give the same freedom to our people -
  12. living on an island can make us insular
      there've always been two nations divided from each other.
  13. God bless our country and those who form opinion
      help us continue our search for freedom in our communities.


Dec 02