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It used to be fashionable for churches to appoint people to be directors of evangelism or mission. What does it really mean? We used to say it meant getting more people to come to church, but then we were told we should be building go-structures rather than come-structures. Perhaps it's something to do with taste?


  1. The flavour has gone out of our world
      our childlike wonder has flown away.
  2. God, it is your presence we miss
      you aren't at the centre of our concerns.
  3. The secular realm is all we can sense
      our experience limited by material things.
  4. Help us to relish true knowledge of you
      so we can become ourselves again.
  5. Our recognition of you has been stunte
      we need salt to bring out the taste afresh -
  6. "You are salt to the world," you said
      so that is my task and my vocation -
  7. to bring back the taste of you to our world
      to keep people consciously open to you.


Feb 04