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The Ave Maria is a well known prayer. This is partly an attempt to put its ideas into modern English and in a form which may be acceptable to non-Catholics too.


  1. Here I am, mother, at your bidding:
     your obedience is a pattern for me to follow,
  2. for a mother knows what it is to be hurt:
     to live for another, so they may develop.
  3. All blessings to you among women and men:
     full of grace and strength, help us also to grow;
  4. glorious among all who have gone before us:
     you are given honour as Queen of Heaven.
  5. We are all children of Eve our mother:
     we ask you, holy mother, show us Jesus your son.
  6. Mother of God, I look to you for support:
     to see God through your eyes, Mary most holy.
  7. You stood by the cross with your son at his dying:
     be with me now for I need God's power.
  8. You felt the sword that was piercing your heart:
     pray for me today as I face my trials.