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  1. My ancestor was our father Abraham who left his home and family
      Israel a homeless refugee who settled in a foreign land.
  2. There they became slaves and cried to God
      they were treated badly but you saw their misery.
  3. When they went they were few, but you made them a powerful nation
      in your love you gave them a rich and fertile country,
  4. so they brought you the first fruits from their land
      tokens of harvest they offered to you.
  5. Centuries later it's the same, we bring you our work
      we still need a harvest thanksgiving to bring you the fruit of our toil,
  6. though I can't live off my garden
      my allotment won't make me a farmer like my ancestors.
  7. I live in an urban society
      the symbols of harvest belong to the country;
  8. others work for my food, I no longer live close to the earth
      my health and welfare depend on people I do not know.
  9. Nevertheless, my God, I bring you my life
      bless the toil of my hands and my brain;
  10. you have brought me also to an abundant heritage
      I offer you a token of the harvest I share in every day.


Similar to my psalm used on a Tyne-Tees TV Harvest service from Gibside Chapel, Gateshead 1989.