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I wonder if you find your way inside a church when you are away on holiday? It can sometimes be an extraordinary lesson in local history going back centuries. Occasionally, you will pick up something, because it just catches your eye, like a picture postcard or a prayer. It was in the Yorkshire Dales, I think, where the local church had a "parish prayer" which struck me as being the sort of prayer I could carry with me, and I did, for a while. But, because I tend to think in "psalms", I decided to re-write it in my own way.


  1. Thank you God, that I'm sometimes stron
      and help me when I am weak.
  2. Thank you that sometimes I'm able to trus
      and guard me when faith is dim.
  3. Thank you that I'm sometimes wis
      and support me when I am foolish.
  4. Thank you that sometimes I do what is goo
      and forgive me when I have failed you.
  5. Teach me to serve with lov
      and to know you in faith and truth.
  6. Guide me to see my life with good humou
      and to walk on with others in hope.


Parish Prayer card in Swaledale N Yorks. Psalm of the Month, Oct 02