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It was a car journey that did it. So much of the time we are bombarded with messages about how terrible the world is - traffic and roads, the pollution and the destruction. We easily get to believe the worst. Looking out of the car, on a beautiful day, however, made me think more about how lovely the world is, including those bits of creation that are man-made


  1. The motorway stretches out in front of me:
      I see through the windows the distant hills.
  2. It's your creation, God, that extends in every direction:
      my world fits into your landscape.
  3. The hills surround me on every side:
      they make me feel safe and protected,
  4. they stand sure and unchanging:
      we may try to alter them, but we don't entirely succeed!
  5. In the same way, you are my protector:
      firm and unchanging is your presence about me,
  6. for your love never fails:
      you hold me always secure however far I travel.
  7. The fields look green and pleasant on either side:
      your creation is very good.
  8. While your sun shines around us, this is the place to be:
      the country is bright and beautiful.
  9. It looks like my dream of delight:
      the farm beside the copse, the church below the hill;
  10. or is that only my fantasy and ideal:
      our community's nostalgia for days we never knew?
  11. The countryside brings me closer to you:
      your goodness is clear in the balance of nature;
  12. for your beauty surrounds me every day:
      when I recognise your presence everything is perfect.
  13. The roadway climbs through the mountains:
      there is snow in the gullies in spite of the sunshine.
  14. The moorland reaches as far as eye can see:
      up to the skyline there's nothing, no sign of habitation.
  15. This view gives me a feeling of freedom:
      the open country around me helps me be open to you,
  16. as Moses found you on the sacred mountain:
      so your presence is clear to me in the rolling hills.
  17. When you are with me, I'm an open landscape:
      relaxing makes me aware of your strengthening Spirit,
  18. you are freedom for me to be as I really am:
      this countryside is like the wideness of your gracious love.
  19. Now I'm completely engulfed by dark satanic mills:
      the world of human creation becomes the total environment.
  20. Some people say it was you who made the country:
      and your creation was spoilt by the work of humanity!
  21. Yet there is beauty here in this curving bridge:
      buildings are signs of your inspiration,
  22. the road by which I travel has its own line and feature:
      design and structure are symbols of your guiding hand.
  23. You are close to me also in the teeming city:
      there are so many people and you are friend of all.
  24. Everywhere I look, there are you:
      in everything that surrounds me your presence is shining out.