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Perhaps we should pray more about our money! So "stewardship" has become a common celebration in churches recently. It is usually said to be about our faith not our money, but that may just be the "soft sell."


  1. Father in heaven we come to meet you:
     again as Jesus taught us we use your name and address!
  2. Yet it's not in heaven but in this world where we meet you:
     our daily life and humanity are the world of your creation.
  3. You've made us responsible for our world:
     you gave us what we have and what we are,
  4. we are but stewards of your bounty:
     all good things are ours, held in trust from you.
  5. Our money and our possessions are not ours by right:
     our time and our talents have been given us of your goodness,
  6. we have to learn to be responsible stewards:
     to hold this earth in trust for our descendants,
  7. to sit loose to what we say we own:
     throughout our earthly pilgrimage to travel light;
  8. you've taught us what you require of your stewards:
     it's not what we do or fail to do, but our obedience you will judge.
  9. Help us to value not success but faithfulness:
     grant us to see the real value of the money we use;
  10. we can use worldly wealth to win ourselves some friends:
     not money, but the love of money, is the root of all evil.
  11. It's not great wealth that we worship:
     we honour your faith in us that never wavers.