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This psalm expresses some of the ideas of marriage, in a form which may be used publicly or privately, at a wedding or a wedding anniversary.


  1. The church bells greet the blushing bride:
     the bridegroom welcomes her to his side with a nervous smile.
  2. In front of their families and friends they declare their love:
     they commit their lives to one another in the presence of God.
  3. "All that I am I give to you:
     and all that I have I share with you."
  4. Blessed are you, the God of our parents:
     you give joy to husband and wife.
  5. Blessed are you, Lord Jesus Christ:
     you too were present at a wedding in Galilee.
  6. Blessed are you, Holy Spirit of God:
     when we are together, you are between us.
  7. As we know each other in love:
     may we feel your love more deeply, God of love;
  8. when we let each other down:
      may we know that you will never forsake us.
  9. For a wedding is another beginning again:
     the triumph and fulfilment of all our hopes.
  10. We build our future on marriage and family life:
     we can have better marriages as we enrich our lives.
  11. We celebrate the magic and the mystery of love:
     grant us to live through our failures and find greater glories.