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I think Psalms are about praying. And praying is about more than just saying prayers. So here is another psalm to remind us that prayer can be a perfectly normal activity, not confined to those who are especially religious! This is a reminder, too, that I am made in the image of God - however much it doesn't always seem like it. "This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it." That may not be a very accurate translation of the Psalm of David, but it has always been a very powerful reflection of God's love for us, no matter what may happen or where we are. Am I the only person who tends to "think" while washing, or washing up? Well, anyway, at least I do wash every day (or most days!), and if I use that as a time to pray then I can pray every day, too…


  1. I look in the mirror when I get up in the morning
      what I see is an image of an image of God,
  2. while I wash, I can begin to pray
      seeing myself reminds me of you.
  3. This is the day you have given me
      thank you for an undeserved gift of your grace;
  4. you provide me with time and with love
      all things come from you and you give them to me freely.
  5. When I go out, I'm always in a hurry
      greetings in the street are usually superficial.
  6. I want to be able to tell you how I really feel
      being open takes too much of my time and of other people's!
  7. Teach me, God, to understand my feelings
      I want to share your love and be more honest with myself,
  8. for you can help me be in tune with myself
      as I speak with you I'm more like an image of you.


July 02