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I wrote this psalm, after reading David Adam's "Celtic" prayers, based on the ordinary (everyday) activities of country people in the north of England. My fire happens to be a gas one, not a coal fire, but I still have to bend down to light it!


  1. As I bend to light the fire in my heart
      Holy Spirit, I kneel to lay my life before you.
  2. Kindle a flame in my heart toda
      light your love in me so it will last for ever.
  3. For your love can warm me and those I lov
      your inspiration fires my neighbours and my friends.
  4. You brighten the way for all my famil
      bring new light for us and our community.
  5. Fulfil my heart's desire to be taken up in yo
      let me continue to guard the holy fire.
  6. Then your glory will burn for ever within u
      warming the world with prayer and fervent praise.


March 02