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I have always worked in a team of people. It's wonderful, most of the time! But there are occasions, just as in a marriage, when things get quite impossible. There's little you can do except kick the dog, or pray .


  1. God, I am so frustrated
      anger boils inside me and I don't know how to express it.
  2. Other people are so selfish
      I'm infuriated that we don't seem able to communicate -
  3. it seemed so much easier before
      now I'm getting older I'm less able to suffer fools;
  4. for I know what's best to do
      why won't they agree with me?
  5. It may be simply my own fault
      am I intolerant of others and their right to disagree?
  6. It's difficult to work with other people
      one at a time they're friendly, but not at work together -
  7. for we seem to want only to prove how good we are
      we're not prepared to work with another's ideas;
  8. but yet it's hard to say so
      it sounds so childish to be very angry!
  9. Let me blow off steam to you
      at least you won't shout back, or take offence.
  10. Is it possible for me to be honest and yet polite
      can I get something done, but without the hassle?
  11. Help me to feel their anger as well as my own
      to play down negative feelings and strive for improvement,
  12. for you know my energies can be useful
      co-operation is much more satisfying when it works!


Oct 03