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  1. God, you spoke to me first in my family
      my early memories are of a group of three.
  2. As I learned more of you, it was among a group of friends
      just as Jesus chose others to continue in his trials,
  3. the twelve to be with him together
      his special friends were three from among them.
  4. Sometimes I imagine you call me by myself
      but you want to save me with my sisters and brothers.
  5. It's in our relationships that you speak with us
      in groups of your followers today we find your Spirit is with us;
  6. my family and friends help me laugh at myself
      those with whom I work can bring me joy and a sense of purpose.
  7. Now I am my brother's keeper
      we are all citizens of the world;
  8. it is the nations you command us to teach
      in the groups where we are, you want us as leaven.
  9. Where two or three are gathered in each place
      there are you among us according to your promise;
  10. we learn to co-operate in our endeavours
      so we can recognise you in one another.


Compare psalm 139, but this is a meditation on groups we belong to.