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We often have the experience of trying, and failing, to pray as we should like. This is a way of sharing experiences from people, as if they were all mine!


  1. I don't know how to pray:
     my God, you're far away from me.
  2. The words don't come easily any more:
     phrases I know by heart don't seem so genuine.
  3. My energy is drained, you don't feel near me:
     dryness and boredom have taken a hold on me;
  4. I know you're close but I cannot see you:
     you seem to be here, but out of focus.
  5. My life's full of tensions, I'm not able to relax:
     stresses and strains make me certain I cannot cope.
  6. God, you are nearer to me than my breathing:
     yet my heart goes blank and my mind won't grasp you.
  7. Others have travelled this road before:
     why do I have to struggle to find the way for myself?
  8. Be close to me again, let me feel your presence:
     help me hold my mind in my heart,
  9. give life to the dry bones of my will:
     bring renewal to my tired understanding,
  10. then I'll thank you with all my power:
     and praise you from the depths of my being.


After Josephine Bax in ‘The Good Wine’ CIO 1986