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  1. Always and everywhere I praise your name
        my God, I will give you thanks continually;
  2. in the morning it's the first day of the rest of my life
        thanks, for all that has been, end my day in the evening.
  3. Praise be to you, Lord Jesus Christ
        for all the benefits you have won for me;
  4. each morning your love is proved afresh
        every day for me is another resurrection.
  5. I bring my praises to you, Holy Spirit of God
        you give me new enthusiasm and inspire me to be creative,
  6. you strengthen me when I need support
        when I am unsure of the future, you will guide me.
  7. Because you always care for me, I give you all my love
        you are my creator, I will trust in you for ever.
  8. You loved the world so much that you gave us your Son
        so everyone who believes has life eternal.
  9. Your goodness is too large for me to comprehend
        the greatness of your mercy is wider than the continents,
  10. your understanding higher than the clouds above me
        your love is deeper than the oceans beneath.
  11. Whatever may happen to me, you have known it before
        wherever I go, you are leading me onwards.
  12. In loneliness and pain, you are with me
        in happiness and rejoicing, you are here among us.
  13. Cast all your cares on God, your creator
        your maker, like a parent, sees you through your difficulties.
  14. Tell God your worries and they will be lessened
        shout aloud your anger and Love will not forsake you.
  15. Your suffering is felt by the man of sorrows
        the crucified Christ knows your dereliction;
  16. lay your burden at the foot of his cross
        you can leave it there and walk away in freedom.
  17. Weep with your neighbour and God lightens your load
        in the privacy of your heart God listens to your troubles.
  18. God's Spirit pleads for you as words can never do
        your pain is carried by One who will redeem you.
  19. Dying brings people closer to one another
        in the presence of death we have no words to utter.
  20. What can I say to a person bereaved
        what words are of use to those who grieve?
  21. Jesus lived at a time of miracle-workers
        he was expected to perform God's wonders,
  22. but behind it all was the caring of his presence
        God was in him simply being with those in need.
  23. Your presence is more powerful than any words of mine
        being requires more effort than mere activity.
  24. Be beside me, my God, for you are my strength
        help me to be there for others when they need me.
  25. Every day I give you thanks and praise
        you are my God and I'll always trust in you.
  26. For you are able to deliver me from evil
        you will do what is best even when I don't recognise it.
  27. Everyone belongs to you, our God
        and you don't merely belong to me.
  28. You are greater than all of us together
        and friend to my enemies and opponents.
  29. Although I can't see the outcome, you will be beside me
        whatever happens to me I am always in your hands.
  30. When good times come be with me also
        help me then remember to give the glory to you.
  31. Forgiveness is your greatest gift
        for you, God, are full of compassion and mercy.
  32. Jesus was friend of sinners
        he understands our problems and our weaknesses.
  33. Holy Spirit mend our separateness
        we live in broken communities, come and dwell among us.
  34. Our bodies and spirits are broken and need your healing
        through the power of the cross, bring us hope and love.
  35. In spite of all our failures we're your creation
        because of Jesus we have your forgiveness.
  36. Come close to us, hear us and heal us
        may broken bread be the sign of your real and saving presence.
  37. God you are our hope and strength
        Christ our supporter through all that happens,
  38. your Spirit fulfils our deepest longings
        the Trinity of love is here among us.
  39. For the world belongs to God
        the earth and all its people.
  40. How good and how exciting it is
        to work together in unity.
  41. Love and faith have come together
        justice and peace have joined their hands.
  42. If the Lord's disciples keep silence
        the stones will shout out loud.
  43. How can I know you as God
        are you to remain unknown and clouded in mystery?
  44. If you made us in your image to be like you
        why can't I find human language to reach you?
  45. You are greater than human beings
        you must be male and female
        as we're both made in your likeness,
  46. should we then aim to be more inclusive
        to reflect something more of your meaning?
  47. Since I cannot describe you or tie you down
        release me from my search to encapsulate you fully,
  48. come to me and find me yourself
        you have created, redeemed and discovered me already.
  49. If I can't honestly pray, I'll go through the motions
        I'll say the words I remember, as if I meant them;
  50. if I lose hold on my faith, I'll behave as before
        I'll act as if I believed, while I wait for you.
  51. For nowadays we believe in God as if you weren't there
        it's as if you weren't acceptable in our culture.
  52. So come to me now as a new creation
        a breath of fresh air in the cobwebs of my mind.
  53. For you're still a part of my life, even when I don't acknowledge you
        though I may not always notice you, you're woven through everything.
  54. Heal me and I'll be completely well
        rescue me and I'll be perfectly safe.
  55. Just as I am, you accept me, God
        for you found me before I discovered you.
  56. I don't have to earn the right to be loved
        for you have loved me since before I was born,
  57. so help me stand on my own
        you're beside me to support and strengthen me,
  58. then I can help other people
        I'll try to be ready to serve, and not to patronise.
  59. For that's how you enable me to be myself
        you trust me to be adult and make my own decisions.
  60. Your faith fills me with fear as well as joy
        you trust me more than I can trust myself.
  61. Knowing myself is not easy
        as life rushes on and there's so much to be done.
  62. Until something happens that brings me up sharp
        a crisis makes me think for the first time ever.
  63. That accident could have killed me
        how can I go on, in fear of it again?
  64. That illness could have been the end of my partner
        how should I ever survive without them?
  65. I had never reflected on my purpose in life
        my questions had been only about getting what I want.
  66. Thank you for jolting me into thought
        be with me as I work out what my life is for.
  67. Love came down to earth at Christmas
        your Word became the flesh of humanity.
  68. Now love is exalted to the heavens
        and Christ is King of all the world.
  69. It's God's love that rules over all things
        stronger than death and greater than evil.
  70. The love of other people helps us see divinity here
        and by loving, we too can share in your action.
  71. Nothing is more powerful than our love
        wanting what is best for another will always conquer the world.
  72. We love, because you loved us first
  73. My heart was strangely warmed this evening in your presence
        when you answer prayer I'm unsettled, and yet you strengthen me.
  74. When you speak to me it's not always in words
        but it's clear and decisive and not only what I like.
  75. So have I heard a shout of terror
        a cry of fear and not a murmur of peace.
  76. God says, “I will not let you go
        but when I take hold of you, I shall be fair.”
  77. You have touched my heart again, and I am changed
        you have taken me in your hand and now I must respond.
  78. Help me not forget this moment, but extend it
        so may I be conscious of your presence every day.
  79. Now I think I know what you want me to do
        but achieving it is much more complicated!
  80. Why don't others know your will so clearly
        I'm angry that they will not take my word for it!
  81. Perhaps it's because what I want is my own idea
        it's my selfishness, after all, and not your wishes.
  82. For I'm so impatient to get things done
        and you are prepared to wait for years or centuries!
  83. I want to do your will
        but I need to accept your readiness to be patient.
  84. I glory in the hope of human aspiration
        but I'm frustrated by the bonds of our limitation.
  85. Open our lips to thank you, God
        and our mouths shall proclaim your praises
  86. Let us worship God together
        and give honour to your name for ever.
  87. But to praise you in public isn't always comfortable
        my emotions today aren't the same as other people's.
  88. Our worship can be dull and boring
        why should I be forced to be in tune with established patterns?
  89. Though at times I'm taken out of myself
        you communicate with me whatever my surroundings!
  90. Help me to savour such a moment
        show me enough of yourself to make my faith grow stronger.
  91. Praying to you is as easy as breathing
        your Spirit is with me in my breathing in and out.
  92. As I breathe in, you come to live within me
        as I breathe out, I express my trust in you.
  93. For you love me and have put your confidence in me
        you made me and inspire me for the future;
  94. therefore I love you and offer you my loyalty
        I relax in your presence and give thanks to you continually.
  95. My God, increase my faith in you
        strengthen my confidence in Christ your Son;
  96. blow your Spirit within me
        and I shall breathe your praises for ever.
  97. Quietness and confidence are your gift
        you grant me peace that is beyond my understanding.
  98. I keep still for you are close to me
        as you are beside me I can only be silent and wonder.
  99. In joy, you fill me with your glory
        in sadness, your suffering upholds me in my tears.
  100. For happiness shared is a blessing increased
        but sorrow shared is an evil divided.
  101. Precious to me is your trust in me
        so I can remain in your love for ever.
  102. You have called me and you keep your promises
        so I shall be confident in your continuing faithfulness.
  103. Rest eternal grant to them, our God
        let light perpetual shine on them.
  104. For your love outlasts our life on earth
        those who have died are always present with you.
  105. Whatever they have done is not wasted
        you ask that the crumbs left over may be collected up,
  106. even the unworthy and unexciting
        everyone has value in your kingdom.
  107. So help me be less guilty about my achievements
        what I do is less important than who I am.
  108. It is by being myself that I have a part in you
        and together we shall have life eternal.
  109. Spirit of God, be close to me once more
        I want to pray but I don't know how.
  110. Can I just stay silent in your presence
        or do I need special words to help me?
  111. “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God
        have mercy on me a sinner.”
  112. The Jesus Prayer is a continuing comfort
        repeating it can give me strength and sustenance.
  113. Or I can daydream in your presence
        and be with Jesus in my imagination.
  114. Meditation helps me reflect on your closeness
        in contemplation I can know your abiding love.
  115. Turn again, our God, and enliven us
        that your people may rejoice in you.
  116. Make our hearts clean by your presence
        and renew your true Spirit within us.
  117. Give us again the joy of your help
        with your spirit of freedom sustain us.
  118. This is the day that you have given
        we shall rejoice and be glad in it.
  119. We will not offer to God
        offerings that cost us nothing at all.
  120. Let us go in peace and serve our God
        we will seek peace and pursue it.
  121. Under your protecting arms I can be safe
        peace comes to me in your guarding embrace.
  122. The world can be very threatening
        full of so many forces of evil.
  123. In the face of the earthquake I shall trust in you
        your love is more vivid than the lightning.
  124. I shall not be afraid of the demons of the future
        the terror of spirits cannot ever control me.
  125. Your angels guard me all day long
        the powers of wickedness are under your authority.
  126. Your love is stronger than death
        your Spirit more potent than anything in all creation.
  127. Violence surrounds me on every side
        murders and muggings seem to be more frequent.
  128. It is too simple to look for vengeance
        would judicial murder stop a mad or drunken criminal?
  129. If not, then what protection have I left
        can my faith keep me safe from every danger?
  130. Or is the greatest danger the fear inside myself
        will you give me security from my worries?
  131. I need to see things in perspective
        the world is no more violent than it was generations ago.
  132. So help me to trust in the future
        you can conquer my panic by your loving protection.
  133. Wildernesses can blossom after rain
        and flowers grow on wasted land.
  134. Nature will re-colonise the bog and the desert
        we can reclaim the land that we have left long derelict.
  135. People say they are near you in a garden
        some see you most clearly in blue sky and the natural world;
  136. you are present also in our human relationships
        in our lives and work you are alive and working.
  137. Be alive in my desert and redeem my wasted time
        teach me never to drink except from my own well;
  138. in my solitary place grow your life
        through my wilderness lead me to discipleship.
  139. "X" is the mark I make to cast my vote
        the cross of Christ becomes a symbol of my personal preference.
  140. “I” should be crossed through by you
        help me to see my wishes in the light of your judgement.
  141. It's better to trust in you
        for my own wishes are clothed in selfishness.
  142. Your Spirit enlightens and guides me
        you can show me the way things may seem to others.
  143. Teach me by your continuing patience
        for peace lasts longer than the anger of human beings.
  144. My view will so often be wrong
        your kingdom will overcome, and all things will be complete.
  145. You spoke to me this morning, my God
        you spoke and I was listening;
  146. not through the words I heard, but in spite of them
        not in what I could hear, but directly in my mind.
  147. While I was occupied you were addressing me
        I was following my bliss and you were there within me!
  148. So many things you sum up in your presence
        my life and my love are taken up in you.
  149. You are full of sweetness and quiet repose
        you bring absolute demand, searching and exhausting me.
  150. For from beyond me, you face me with love
        your understanding of me is beyond my understanding.
  151. Zeal for your kingdom has taken me over
        I stand for what's right, the issues are simple -
  152. why don't other people see it so clearly
        why is evil so powerful in your creation?
  153. Everyone is selfish
        yet you are loving to your children who reject you,
  154. we are full of weaknesses
        but you care for us in spite of what we do.
  155. Here I stand for your justice
        I will pronounce your peace in my own generation.
  156. Your right is stronger than people or nations
        your glory is over all our world for ever and ever.


vv. 39-42 and 115-120 based on Iona Community worship.
vv. 133-138 written for and used at the National Garden Festival, Gateshead.