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I was brought up on the sense of community, where it was natural for people to be neighbourly - we lived closer to one another, anyway. Sometimes I wonder if we have lost that sense of belonging to one another?


  1. Who is a human being in the eyes of God who made us
      what about those outside who don't share our culture or creed?
  2. Our world is still repressive
      we like to dominate others to give us a feeling of status.
  3. In India, a Sikh man was murdered
      Hindus were supporting the crime shouting "Long live Indira Gandhi!";
  4. his two sons and daughter also died in the tragedy
      the murderers, though known, were allowed to go free.
  5. In Ulster, is society for Protestants only
      are Catholics able to share our schools and our homes -
  6. or must we make everyone keep to the ghetto
      is there room in our country only for those who agree?
  7. Catholics were once excluded from a place in British society
      Muslims are the ones we don't welcome today.
  8. Some protest against fuzziness or liberal leadership
      but a refusal to judge can also be a judgement.
  9. Help us, God, to include not exclude our neighbours
      for in rejecting them we too are denying you!


Jul 03