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We swing from belief in strong independence to worshipping community life! Obviously both are important, but the power always seems to have come from private patronage. Religion usually bends the other way, keen to support the poor, even in an age when enterprise is encouraged. Riches tend to come usually at the expense of the exploitation of others. So there has always been a cry for justice.


  1. There was a time when we belonged to a community:
      when those in a local neighbourhood
      worked close to one another,
  2. but now I live as an individual:
      my household has to be protected
      against the invasion of privacy.
  3. Once our culture was built on dependence:
      we waited for other people to give us a job and a livelihood,
  4. now we're expected to be independent:
      we take responsibility for ourselves.
  5. In earlier days we were poor and exploited:
      the boss was the one we had to obey,
  6. now we are taught to be rich and create great wealth:
      if we are poor, it must be our fault.
  7. Yet the poor are always with us:
      there's no jubilee to give back what's been lost,
  8. while the rich are exploiting others:
      the greed of a millionaire can feed on a million unemployed.
  9. The enterprising may build success:
      the lucky survive by their own hard work,
  10. but, despite our wealth, we ignore the casualties:
      our society is in pieces and disconnected.
  11. We need to seek God's vision for our world:
      for in your loving purposes we depend on each other.
  12. We search for justice and the common good:
      we'll find your Spirit among us as we work together.


v. 7 - Jubilee was the Jewish 50th year when slaves were to be freed.