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  • My God, you make me furious, creating humanity:
      or should I blame our leaders, and let you off the hook?
  • The manager makes his decision dismissing staff:
      no matter redundancy now, if the business survives;
  • a government must win the vote, without objectors:
      a leak or a mole in the system will need flushing out;
  • the church is an institution, struggling to succeed:
      but a single individual can be expendable;
  • at all costs the rules must be kept, holding the line:
      we must not weaken the stock, bending to fashion.
  • Why have you made us like this, uncaring and hard:
      the establishment is what we worship, not our God!
  • May I speak out against war and not be a ’traitor:’
      or not be accused of racism, denouncing Israel?
  • Can I be against the government and not be disloyal:
      or not be called an infidel for being a Moslem?
  • If the vote goes the way I don’t want, swallow my pride:
      will we stay loyal to the ship, even when holed?
  • Help me participate in life and not be a victim:
      to work to shape a future, not a slave to events;
  • for the final event is death, awaiting conquest:
      my daily losses and dyings may help me prepare.