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  1. I don’t often hear too well, when others are speaking:
      even when we’re good at hearing, we don’t always listen!
  2. And you, my God, are speaking each watchful day:
      you are communicating with me through your communion.
  3. Does tradition always require me to talk to you:
      to fill the void between us by saying my prayers?
  4. For talking to other people helps make me who I am:
      conversation is the way that I am converted -
  5. I have to try out my ideas by putting them into words:
      what I come to believe starts out from what I say -
  6. yet it’s easy to prattle on and talk too much:
      to accumulate my growing treasure of words and prayers.
  7. The service in church is a dialogue of priest and people:
      by speaking with one another we listen to you.
  8. Teach me also to listen with eager patience:
      to await your dawning voice and discover your glory.