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Many people wear a cross as a trinket, which sometimes is all that it is. But the story of the first Good Friday is rather more sombre than that. Probably, there was no such thing as a cross, but more like a tree to hang criminals on. But the symbol has become the most important symbol of Christian faith.


  1. Behold the Cross displayed for all to see:
     the one who saves the world is hanging there.
  2. They executed the awkward squad in the ancient world:
      we still believe in torture to show who's on top.
  3. For the Cross of Christ was a gibbet and not a decoration:
     an electric chair to deter not a trinket to attract!
  4. The wise men came to know Christ by a star:
     the Cross is where we look to follow him today.
  5. Unless I am burned away with the fire of love:
     consumed by the endless flames that cauterise me,
  6. the only way I can learn to follow the Cross:
     must needs be through pain and loss, to be purged with tears.
  7. For it wasn't the nails that kept Christ on his Cross:
     but the power of his love for us, that held him there.
  8. So, Christ, print on my heart your love for me:
     your Cross has painted love in lively colours.
  9. Behold the Cross displayed for all to see:
     hanging there is the one who saves the world.
  10. On every one of my dyings shed your light:
     prove your love on your Cross and press me forward.