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  1. This man likes his work, he is the breadwinner:
      he enjoys a night out with the lads, while his wife is at home.
  2. She may also have a job but only for pin money:
      she has to see to the children;
      her time is spent in the home or in the community.
  3. Perhaps women have always been oppressed:
      the menial tasks are for women in a culture that has no slaves.
  4. We say we believe in equality:
      we strive for closer partnership, in relations with one another.
  5. A modern man is more domestic:
      he shares the running of the home and the care of the children,
  6. and the woman can be more like a partner:
      but unsure of a role in the partnership when all is done jointly!
  7. We mustn’t disturb the plant to see how it’s growing:
      nor can we always examine our own relationships.
  8. The roles of men and women can be insecure:
      we may not be allowing ourselves to grow.
  9. We’re no longer certain what others want:
      nothing is easily laid down for us as it was for our parents.
  10. Our happiness finds fulfilment in what we decide to do:
      not following tradition but learning who we are.
  11. So, God, help us become who we really are:
      to delight in one another as you delight in us.