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In June and July 2003, the "gay debate" (an odd couple ... of words!) has raised the issue of the differences between "liberal and evangelical" attitudes. Those are not the stereotype words I should choose myself - evangelicals can be liberal, too. Is this an appropriate subject for prayer, like a psalm? Well, maybe I've not done it very well, but I do think it must be right to try. Some years ago, the local worthies were giving their New Year message; one of them said he hoped people would "learn to speak properly!"


  1. Can we learn to speak properly
      is there a way to argue, ripe for debate?
  2. Now is not the time, the bishop feels
      the good churchwarden dislikes rocking the boat.
  3. Argument, they say, is unhelpful, causing dissent
      we should keep silence in anger, or feeling uneasy.
  4. So is unity really greater than justice
      a Bible text more important than Biblical truths?
  5. Do we stand by so many gay bishops, past and present
      or tighten the rules to appease one minority?
  6. Is he just gay, lovely and caring
      or is he perverted and sinful, a deviant outcast?
  7. Does she just like the songs, happy and clapping
      or is she missing reflection, the riches of glory?
  8. Are we for keeping up standards, protecting the Law
      or will my experience guide me, welcoming all?
  9. If unity rules, we accept one another
      finding conservative and liberal in equal communion.


Aug 03