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  1. God, my God and my director, you are God of all the world:
      you are sovereign of everyone and everything there is;
  2. what you have made is good and reflects your care:
      help us do what is good and live what we believe.
  3. For we are made like you, and share your creating:
      we relate to one another, as you love us.
  4. But we can misuse the freedom you give us:
      we like to rebel against you, and descend to cruelty.
  5. In spite of the evil within us, your plan for us is justice:
      your rule depends on your love, and that is just;
  6. your government in heaven is a reign of peace:
      you can rule in my heart and in all our dealings;
  7. as Jesus was servant of all:
      so we too can serve one another,
  8. and as you are willing to work with me:
      so I can be partner to those around me.
  9. Help us then be responsible managers:
      to produce the goods and services that others need -
  10. we must make profits to stay afloat:
      but we also respect other people as you respect us.
  11. Your plan is continually unfolding, it’s not easy to succeed:
      you ask us to share in your work of creating,
  12. yet our values reflect the gods that we worship:
      our cultures are not always based on your standards;
  13. help us see a new vision of your work:
      so our aims may be more nearly in line with your will -
  14. in your sovereignty of love, each person has value:
      so that must be our guide and our commitment -
  15. to value each human being as equal:
      as we each belong to a community of love.
  16. Teach me in all I do to be a steward of your goodness:
      and together to share responsibility for your world;
  17. to behave as servants for each other in our work:
      to create with you the world of your purpose.
  18. So may the nations be united with you:
      and your rule come on earth as it is in heaven.
  19. For you have made us, and our hearts are restless:
      till we rest in you, for you made us for yourself.